See your numbers in a new light with Farseer reporting tools.

Your data has less value if not presented in the right way. Create beautiful and detailed reports for any purpose.

Create reports easily and quickly using data tags

We’ve developed an intuitive but advanced data tagging system, that enables company-wide collaboration without compromising security and data confidentiality. Using data tags, it’s possible to create extensive, in-depth reports that are available for all relevant users in a matter of minutes. For example, when a KPI table is created, all users will be able to use it, but the data shown in the table will be adjusted to every user’s clearance level automatically.

Automatically updated reports

Farseer facilitates easier collaboration by creating a single source of truth for all collaborators. All data is in one place. No matter the size of the company and number of employees, chances for mistakes, incorrect entries, and data overlaps are next to none. When a change is made by a collaborator, all connected data for the entire team is automatically adjusted and changed, and changes propagate to all reports automatically.

Personalized Dashboard

Users can create and customize unique charts and tables and pin them to their Dashboard. Every user has their own Dashboard where they can single out only those parts of hierarchy that they need at a certain point in time.

Compatible with MS Excel

If you work with financial data, using Excel is a given. Farseer will help you to get more out of your spreadsheet. Two-way communication between Farseer and Excel enables you to process your data faster and more efficiently and create better reports quicker.

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