Create new opportunities and take the reins of your business with Farseer planning

  • Planning

    If your company already uses lot of different planning tools and has complicated workflows, Farseer can help you streamline your processes, and if you’re just starting to make complex financial plans for your company, Farseer can be the only tool you’ll need.

  • Clusters & Flows

    Our innovative Clusters & Flows system makes modelling any scenario easier than ever before.
    It’s possible to create financial representations of your entire business or its parts by simply reshaping the Cluster & Flow hierarchy.

Request inputs

Collect relevant data from all company departments using Farseer’s input request feature. It doesn’t matter how many employees are involved, after someone makes an entry, you’ll immediately be notified about who entered what.

See everything in one place

Farseer creates Single Source of Truth (SSOT) for you and your employees. Every single data element is entered and stored only once. Structure the way you view your data: drill down and up in your data hierarchy, depending on what you need to see.

Have Farseer calculate it for you

No matter how complex the calculation, Farseer does it automatically and saves your valuable time. You only need to choose what type of data to include, set clear goals, and let your vision guide you.

Compare actual vs plan values

Your plan is probably great, but even the best ones can sometimes go wrong. Farseer enables you to monitor your plan development, compare your goals with the current situation, and react to adverse trends immediately if needed.

 Make more informed decisions

As your data accumulates, decision making gets slower. Farseer helps you adapt to new market conditions by providing you with the right information at the right time, so you can prioritize and execute projects.

Help your team plan a better future for your company