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Significantly shortened planning time

The Cluster & Flow data modelling and display system enables users to save time while handling their data more efficiently.

Support for group planning

Farseer is designed as a tool used in multi-user environments in real time. It’s easy to add new users and control permissions for existing ones. Also, the number of users is unlimited.

SSOT – Single source of truth

All data changes are made only once, and instantly propagated throughout the entire system, so everyone can work simultaneously, without delays, and more importantly, errors.

Automatic data consolidation

All data is automatically synchronised immediately after the entry is made. Equivalent data types go together, so no one needs to waste time formatting and syncing data from different sources.

Effortless drill down

Because of the Farseer’s hierarchical model organisation and simple interface, it’s possible to review an entire company in just a couple of mouse clicks – overall company stats, department level, individual business projects, products, customers etc…

Granulated control

The probability of a user entering data in the wrong place is drastically reduced with Farseer’s granulated control features: input requests for individual users can be reduced only to a single cell.

Constant actual tracking

Actuals can (and should) be compared to plan values at any time. It’s also possible to track multiple plan versions simultaneously: the number of different plan variations is user defined.

Reduced probability of user errors

Automatic calculation, synchronisation and consolidation in Farseer minimise chances of making mistakes that people usually make when faced with repetitive tasks and large amount of data.

Better insight into data generated by using other tools

Data entry can be automated by connecting Farseer with ERP, BI, CRM, EXCEL, or any other data source that can be relevant for planning processes in your company. Farseer automatically syncs and unifies the data, and by doing so it eliminates problems with multiple document versions, compatibility issues, duplicate entries etc.

Simulating before making the decisions

The simulator enables users to create complex simulations of an entire company or some of its parts – departments, projects, products.

Use the power of the cloud

It’s safer, cheaper and simply more convenient. To safely access and manage your data, all you need is an internet browser, and you’re ready to go.

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