People behind Farseer

Zrinko Dolić

Zrinko Dolić

Farseer creator

Spent years accumulating experience in the Telecom industry where he managed millions of EUR in budgets on a yearly basis. Co-founded several startups in IoT and print industry. He has a strong background in Telecom marketing, and supply chain management. Creating value is what he does best.

Matej Trbara

Strategy director

Years of business development in a successful software development agency he cofounded made him a multi-tasking genius. He assisted governments in building apps that literally save lives. To say he has a knack for planning would be an understatement. He’s the man with the vision.

Luka Mijatović

Tech leader

Lead developer on dozens of projects in several different companies. He lead a team that built Deep -a mobile SDK that developers around the world use to create Augmented Reality apps. He’s making sure that our numbers are always correct. Solving complex problems and helping others to do the same is what he excels at.

Why did we create a software like this?

Just like many other startup stories, ours started because we wanted to solve a problem we had. We wanted to create a planning software that was affordable, easy to use and to integrate with other tools and systems at our disposal at the time. Similar software available were massive legacy systems that take months to implement and are very inefficient and slow.

What’s the philosophy behind the software?

While building Farseer, we have one idea in mind – flexibility. We wanted it to be a versatile solution for all planning related problems. No matter the industry or size of the company, it should be a software that improves companies by giving people in control better insight and access into every nook and cranny of their business.

Continuous planning

Continuous planning is a term we use to describe the practice we realized works best: companies need to plan their business all the time (continuously), and they should do it in a way that doesn’t take too much of their resources. Business planning should be an ongoing exercise of insight, and it should be easy to do.

What’s our master plan?

To have all companies planning all the time, and not just in small increments throughout the year, as is the usual practice. We realized that it’s good for us, and we are trying to spread the word, and enable people to do it by giving them access to a tool that makes it simple to do that.

Why wait, try it for yourself today, you’ll thank us later