Business planning app that helps build companies instead of giant spreadsheets.

We provide entrepreneurs with an easier way to create and carry out their business plans.


Use facts to your advantage, and focus on what is most important – understanding your numbers.



Have the results of your work presented the way you want, without restrictions and looking beautiful.



Coordinate everything from buying staplers for the office to managing multiple companies.


We do things a bit differently

Financial planning is a complicated task,  and we want to make sure you do it properly, so we made some new concepts to help you.

New way to

Optimise your processes, shorten planning cycles, get more from your data – solve some old problems in a creative new way.

Automatic is the way to go

Planning a business or a project usually means that there’s gonna be a lot of repetitive, menial tasks. Farseer enables you to avoid that. Once you set up your company or project hierarchy using our streamlined tools, its easy to edit everything and track plan realization. You can make experiments and simulations using your actual data, without compromising anything.

Give your old tools some new features

We’re here to help you make more use of your data. Farseer connects to your existing systems and enables you to see things in a new light.

Turn your employees into a super-efficient team

Everyone can connect and work simultaneously, regardless of their job complexity or position in your business hierarchy

Why wait, try it for yourself today, you’ll thank us later